The second tasting

by billysbugs

How best to get people trying your buggy snacks than a dinner party.

With around 80 locusts frozen in my freezer I was ready to offer a starter and dessert with this ‘new’ meat. I invited five brave friends, and lured them with the promise that the main course would be French.

When all arrived, we boiled the locusts up for six – seven minutes. Locusts turn from their natural yellowy-grey colour to a lobster-red when boiled up. Perfect! It makes them look much more appetising. The difference between a wet grey bolognese and a meaty-red succulent one changes your appetite. Locusts have no different effect.

Lobster-red locusts

Lobster-red locusts

Once boiled and drained, we mixed our four-inch food in with the batter (egg, milk, flour, chilli powder, baking powder, water, salt, paprika, fennel seeds). Thickly coated we sprinkled them in the bubbling sunflower oil to let them fritter and harden.

Like a fine steak, we considered it best if we let them rest for a short while. Camera ready (the video below), nerves hardened, we took turns to choose, handle and then munch on the base of Locusts No.2. No one rated below a 6. I consider this a victory.

Beer and wine flowed, and we found ourselves picking the bugs up more easily, even nonchalantly popping them in with a smother of sweet-chilli sauce.

Main course – drinks – talking – ready for bugs and chocolate.

Fondue, especially chocolate fondue can go with anything. Marshmallows, chilli, asparagus, all work. Although a more gimmicky front of this food, our bugs were dipped in the warm melted chocolate and tasted so much better than any of us had imagined.

A much improved step from the first cooking session.

Next up: Mealworms!